Wes Whisler Baseball Academy @ The Strike Zone

The Wes Whisler Baseball Academy was founded in 2014 in order to provide a first-class facility where individuals and teams can train, have access to quality instruction and improve their athletic skills to the best of their ability. Our goal is give every young athlete the skills needed to succeed through professional instruction in a facility that is close to home.

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Hours of Operation


No other facility has this!!

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"Like so many dads who coach their sons, there are some things my son was not “hearing” from me-this is where Wes entered the picture. Not only have I personally learned more about pitching and hitting from Wes, but more importantly, Wes communicates in a way that my son can relate to which means he listens and responds to Wes.  Wes knows exactly how to work with young players in a way that they not only can understand, but he gives them many drills to work on after their instruction time with him.

Definitely time well spent!"



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Annual Family Memberships

The Strike Zone is proud to offer families a membership that includes all their children.  These memberships are limited and are granted on a first come first serve basis.  Annual Family Memberships are done by trimesters. (Jan 1st - April 30th, May 1st - August 30th, Sept. 1st - End of the year.) Giving you flexibility to be a member at different times throughout the year!

Family Membership Benefits*

All immediate family members are included in your family membership
Designated "Members Only" cages are reserved throughout the week (cages operate in 1/2 hour slots and are available on a first-come-first-serve basis) Facility Schedule is ONLINE for quick updates on availability 24 hour access by secure coded entrance (live surveillance).* Member Guest Fees Apply: All member guests who utilize The Strike Zone as a non-member are required to pay a guest fee of $25/hour, $15/half hour. Please place this payment in the gray drop-box next to the door inside the facility. Write you member name, phone number and the word "guest" indicating use.

2020 Family Memberships  - $150 per Trimester or $400 for the year.

Call or email Wes Whisler to become a member:

E-mail: wwbaseball@gmail.com

Phone: (310) 924-7684


The Strike Zone Rebranding

The premier, indoor baseball/softball facility, The Strike Zone has been re-branded as the “Wes Whisler Academy at The Strike Zone”. Former local baseball standout and MLB player Wes Whisler will now operate the facility. “I’m excited for this opportunity to continue to share my passion for baseball in the area where I grew up,” said Whisler.

Whisler graduated from Noblesville High School in 2001 and was named Indiana’s Mr. Baseball his senior year. He accepted a baseball scholarship to UCLA where he led the PAC 10 in home runs and was named All-PAC 10 and Freshman All-American. He played in the Cape Cod Summer League where he was named Top Prospect in the league by MLB General Managers. He was selected in the second round of the 2004 MLB Draft by the Chicago White Sox. Wes made his Major League debut in 2009 with the Chicago White Sox and played with the organization for 5 seasons before being traded in 2010 to the Florida Marlins. In 2011, Wes was traded back to the Chicago White Sox. He has since moved back to the area to pursue coaching and to be around his growing family.

Whisler provides individual/group lessons in 30/60-minute sessions. He focuses on pitching, hitting and fielding. Whisler uses onsite video as well as homework assignments so player

s leave with a specific plan to use in their workouts between lessons.

In addition to Whisler, several other instructors including Jim Reboulet, Travis Reboulet, Josh Lyon, Zach Galyean, Francisco Padron, Morgan Melloh (softball) and Brent Miller will be offering lessons/classes at the Academy. These instructors have a wide range of expertise and offer different pricing levels. Please refer to the website www.thestrikezonellc.com for resumes and contact information for each instructor.

The facility will still operate in a similar manner with individual memberships, team times, and private instruction. Open 24/7 365 days a year, all players can find a time to fit their schedule and improve their skills. “Stop by, say hello and check out the new improvements in 2014 including new cages, wider pitching area, enhanced lighting, new stereo system and new video system,” said Whisler. Or visit the website at thestrikezonellc.com or Twitter @weswhislersz.  Memberships and team times for 2015 are filling up quickly.